If you’ve ever been to a zoo, world-class hotel pool, or commercial facility, chances are you’ve seen an artificial rock waterfall, man-made pond or other water feature. Artificial rocks, sometimes known as fake rock or faux rock waterfalls are being constructed around the world using lightweight, durable and environmentally harmonious products.

The materials used to create artificial rock waterfalls can vary depending on the installation. Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential installations. GFRC consists of high-strength glass fiber embedded in a cement matrix that offers superior flexibility and lightness to simplify structural framing needs. GFRC artificial rock panels provide unlimited diversity in size, form and color. They are also economical in comparison to handling natural rock and easy to install.

Construction of an artificial rock waterfall can present very unique ideas, expressed in rock. The number of designs, styles and colors are only as limited as the imagination. Whether your artificial rock waterfall is part of a larger pool at a world-class hotel or simply a remodel for a backyard pool, your rock waterfall water feature has the timeless potential of being uniquely yours.

Creating the world’s most realistic artificial rock waterfalls, ponds, and grottos using GFRC requires a true artistic touch. Artificial rocks are designed to resemble natural stone or rock, but without the high transit cost, maintenance and depletion of natural resources. GFRC is also impervious to rain, hail and even freezing weather.

So, how do rock waterfall construction companies create such a realistic look and feel in an artificial waterfall? A key design component is the use of 3-dimensional cracks that add depth to intricate shapes, making them closely resemble natural rock waterfall characteristics.

There are do-it-yourself kits to construct residential artificial rock waterfalls, but for a completely professional installation, or large commercial rock waterfalls, it’s best to leave the construction up to professionals. Not only will a professional have years of experience constructing artificial waterfalls, they also have mechanical experience setting up pumps for even water dispersion to assure that a natural look and sound is created. By taking safety and efficiency concerns into consideration, your investment is assured to withstand the test of time.

Whether your artificial rock waterfall project is for a private residence or a large commercial location, artificial rock waterfalls are a focal point providing an ambiance that only rocks and water together can convey.