While many resorts, golf courses, theme parks and zoos use natural rock landscapes, a more cost effective and eco-friendly option is to use artificial rocks. Constructing natural-looking rock formations with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), landscape options are endless. Whether you want to incorporate a man-made pond or dramatic artificial rock waterfall into the landscape design or simply weave artificial rock formations that very closely resemble Mother Nature inspired boulders between plants and flowers, the options are limitless.

In fact, designs for a combination of both natural rock landscapes and faux rock are common as well. Using natural rock and fake rocks in the construction of rock landscapes allows for complete customization while taking safety, maintenance and other obstacles into account.

Safety and Natural Rock Landscapes

During the planning stage of a natural rock landscape, the future safety of your guests and yourself is taken seriously. If it is not intended that guest be able to access the rock formation or walk into a specific area, the plan design will limit access. However, if it is intended for guests to be able to walk through or climb over the landscape, there are several considerations to take into account. For example, the flatness of each of the surface levels and their textures to limit accidents such as trips, slips and falls, and injury.

Should You Use Natural or Artificial Rock Formations?

A rock formation expert can give advice on whether to use natural rock or artificial rock in the construction of the rock landscape by assessing the construction requirements for both installation methods and use of suitable materials. He will then be able to ascertain the need for proper structure support as well as clearance needed to access the construction site with heavy equipment.

Natural Rock Landscape and Your Pool

There’s one quick point to make about using natural rock around a water feature – the maintenance issue. You may think, what types of issues do rocks have? They’re…well… rocks! While most natural rock landscapes are durable to an extent, natural rocks slowly disintegrate over time, especially if there is running water passing over them. When natural rocks are used in the construction of a man-made stream, waterfall, pool cave or grotto, small piles of sand may accumulate on the pool floor below the boulders.

Whether you are a residential homeowner, landscape company, general contractor or asset manager looking to add unique dimension to your property, be sure to consult a professional rock design and construction company to insure the highest quality in the industry.