In a commercial aquarium or zoo, artificial rock formations help to bring the animals and nature a little bit closer.

Anyone that has been to a large aquarium or zoo has more than likely seen the one-of-a-kind artificial rock formations created by master rock formation designers.

Artificial rock formations are everywhere. Sometimes these artificial rocks are under water in an aquarium. Sometimes they are used to create walls or enclosures to separate people and animals. Other times they may be part of a water feature.

In a commercial rock installation, these fake, or sometimes called faux rocks, have been created using the latest design tools, engineering techniques and technologically advanced equipment to create the perfect environment for not only people but also animals and fish. These commercial faux rock installations have many benefits. Not only are they visually appealing for the visiting public, they can be used to form safety barriers between the species and many experts will agree that the animals benefit from the comfort of the natural surroundings as well.

The goal of any artificial rock formation is to be the most natural and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Strategic placement of the fake rocks and the actual construction of the artificial rocks are what give them a realistic look and feel. Care is also taken when incorporating artificial rocks into any natural rock design to ensure the safety of the animals, fish and humans. Materials used in the construction of artificial rock formations are safety rated to protect the environment and its inhabitants.

If the faux rock is part of a water feature, extra care is taken in the placement of the rock and its design to assure a constant, natural-looking flow. Additionally, if the rock formation will come in contact with water, it will need to be properly sealed to prevent water leakage in waterfalls, man-made ponds, streams, etc.

If you haven’t seen an artificial rock formation up close, some examples of commercial applications can be found at the following aquariums:

Baltimore Aquarium – Baltimore, MD

John Shed Aquarium – Chicago, IL

Tennessee Aquarium – Chattanooga, TN

Tampa Aquarium – Tampa, FL

Commerson’s Dolphin Exhibit – Akron, OH

Sea World – Orlando, FL

Sea World – San Diego, CA

Sea World – San Antonio, TX

Do you want to create a new aquarium or zoo enclosure for your commercial facility? Contact a master rock formation designer and get started creating a one-of-a-kind natural fish or animal habitat to be enjoyed by everyone!