Pierre's ability to create structures out of cement will amaze anyone who is looking for unique creativity. The range of design is unlimited when it comes to the talent Pierre will bring to any project. If you have a design in mind, let Pierre bring it to life. Even if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, all Pierre will need is material to create, and let him go from there. The magic is truly out of this world.

Home Owner

He is truly an artist in man-made rock work. We don't think there is anything he can't do. [...] We have had numerous compliments on the work. Most people think our poolside landscaping looks like an upscale resort.

Max and Barbara B.
Home Owners

[...] Collaborated on the following projects located in the state of Florida:

  • A 50ft high x 80ft wide water featyre with a flow rate of 24,000 gpm, a 30ft high water feature with a flow rate of 7,200 gpm and a 20ft high water feature with a flow rate of 3,000 gpm. The above water features [...] are located at the Fairmount Resort in Aventura, Florida.
  • A 1600 lineal ft lazy river along with various faux waterfalls, swimming pools, spas, and faux retaining walls located at the Coconut Hyatt in Estero, Florida.
  • Various water features with faux waterfalls, faux streams, intake structures, faux cart path bridges, and 10,000 lineal ft of faux retaining wall located at the Tuscany Preserve in Naples, Florida.
  • Two water features located on the Old Palm golf coarse in West Palm Florida, which include several faux cart path bridges, 5000 lineal of faux stream bed, and two subterranean vaults.
Mr. Liles has proven to be a valuable asset prior to and during the construction of the projects [...] I personally recommend Mr. Liles to provide his services for projects which require expertise in water feature construction.

Scott R. Vaughn ~ Cape Coral, FL
Senior Project Engineer

My husband and I decided we wanted to build our dream pool in our backyard. We spend a lot of time there. With Je'Pierre we decided that we could make our dream oasis come true. When people see our pool for the first time they are really impressed and amazed that a company could build this in our backyard. Have it look so natural, so calm and serene. We feel the quality of our pool is exceptional. We are very pleased with the way everything turned out and the true craftsmanship that Je'Pierre did for us.

Stephanie J.
Home Owner

A friend of mine was building a house in Estancia and he too was looking to have a water feature and his contractor had recommended Je and I went out to the the work that Je'Perre did at this house in Estancia. I was just astounded at what he had done. I can tell you that everybody who has come to our house since they finished the work on the water feature has just also […] found it an outstanding feature. The Je'Pierre group of guys were easy to work with and brought in some really unique ideas in matching the mountain […] They were very easy to work with in melding our two visions and what I wanted.

Jim L.
Home Owner

When we began plans to build our pool in 2013 we decided that we would love a waterfall with a slide feature. We were told that the only way to do a beautiful water feature was to use natural rock.  We paid good money to have a feature made with a slide.  It looked terrible and began to fail within 2 years!! We found out that the company that had built the water feature originally was no longer in business. We began asking around for a good reference and a good friend gave us Je'Pierre’s name. When Je'Pierre came into our backyard, he was able to quickly figure out the problems with the existing water feature and quickly corrected it and came up with a vision and plan for the new water feature using artificial stone. He was able to remodel our water feature and created a beautiful paradise for our family. His vision and talent are truly amazing!!! He and his crew are professional, hard working and amazing artists and did a fantastic job. We would highly recommend to anyone planning to have a rock feature built to use Je'Pierre and suggest from our experience to just do it RIGHT the first time!!!

The Boyse Family
Home Owner

I would like to thank you for the fine artistic work you did in creating our family pool at our home in the Florida Keys. Your dedication and attention to detail is truly reflected in our pool which is one of a kind. All guests that visit the home are amazed and cannot believe what you created. My yard is now a private water park that family and friends will enjoy for years to come. Thanks again for the perfect pool. You are the best.

Frank & Nancy S.
Home Owners